Community Organizer - West Virginia


Are you a people person? Do you love organizing events and bringing people together? If so, this volunteer opportunity might just be for you!

As a Community Organizer you will serve as a FWD community leader, proactively engaging with your local community to build support for FWD West Virginia. You will work with state leadership to identify best practices for community building, recruiting WV supporters, and organizing events & activities in your local community within West Virginia. 

Community organizers help drive the Forward Party movement.  They are leaders who are passionate about the FWD platform and work to build strong community relationships that propel the movement forward. 

Role Requirements:

Time commitment of approximately 5+ hours per week

  • Regularly attend weekly team meetings
  • Regularly attend bi-weekly state meetings
  • Must create ongoing local events and/or activities (i.e. at least one per month)

Passion for community building and willingness to engage with people from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds with grace & tolerance. 

Reliable with a high level of integrity 

Commitment to the building a healthy FWD WV community

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