As a part of the consideration process, Forward will run a legal analysis on what support is permissible in your jurisdiction. We’ll work with the state parties to determine what level of support to provide, within those confines.

The following list highlights ways that we have, in the past, supported Forward leaders, within the confines of all relevant local, state, and national laws:

Public Endorsement and Support:
The Forward Party has publicly endorsed and supported prior leaders, highlighting the aspects of their campaigns and platforms that align best with our values.

Forward Communications Guidance:
The Forward Party has a lot of experience in speaking with voters about our unique approach and mission. We have provided this guidance, on a general level, to leaders who are interested in talking about the Forward Party.

Grassroots Community Connections:
Connectivity is key to success. The Forward Party has relationships with reform groups and grasstops leaders across the country. They have enjoyed meeting leaders we have endorsed and supporting their campaigns.

Volunteer Support:
The Forward Party’s members are dedicated and passionate, looking for opportunities to support public servants who are representing their constituents well, and fighting for solutions to our biggest problems. Forward leaders have seen these volunteers phone bank, knock doors, and get out the vote in their campaigns.

Involvement in the FWD Community:
Forward has hosted well over a thousand events at the state and national level. We’ve asked Forward leaders to attend these meetings to meet with and speak to our supporters. We’ve also hosted campaign events for Forward leaders, where allowed by local regulations.

National Communications Support:
Our national press team regularly reaches out to publications to write stories about Forward’s activities. We’ve frequently connected them with leaders who identify as Forwardists to provide interviews.

Effective Digital Media Channels:
Forward leaders of all types have been highlighted on our social media channels, through messages, infographics, and even live discussions.

National Influencer Support:
The Forward Party has many nationally prominent members, including co-Chairs Andrew Yang and Governor Christie Todd Whitman. Forward leaders have frequently engaged in public conversations with these individuals, through social media, online events, and other channels.

(Note: The national Forward Party, the Forward State Party, your campaign, and sitting government officials are regulated by government ethics and campaign finance laws, and all support is contingent on whether an analysis of these laws shows that such support is allowable.)