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Together America will stay great.

To all my fellow Americans we each have the opportunity, privilege, and right to vote for the candidates of our choice. Now we will have a new choice. One that lets you push aside idealistic beliefs and petty differences and become “ONE NATION”. Forward Party is not concerned with which side of the aisle you stand on. Party Forward wants to promote candidates that can move our nation forward. America stands for much more than party politics and their donor cash, we stand for each other. Whether you say a prayer or take a knee, America’s greatness comes from our differences.  We must reach out to every person in our community with compassion and dignity and work to find solutions to the challenges we all face every day. Our future starts simply with a smile and handshake. Then the willingness to work together no matter how you voted in the past. America is best when we forget who we voted for and work together for our future. “UNITED WE STAND”. 

Please go to or and join today. America needs your help. I need your help to restore our belief in the United States of America.

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