Tiffany Brigner

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As a long time unaffiliated voter I'm looking for a party that is inclusive, forward thinking and truly wanting to come together with people of diverse backgrounds to discuss moving this country in a collaborative direction!
Tiffany Brigner's Fundraiser

For better or worse, ALL political organizations need money to move their agenda, it's no different with the Forward Party. But the Forward Party "agenda" is different, it's focused on empowering local politics and meaningful voting reform!

FOR THE FIRST TIME, I feel good about donating money to a party that...

• genuinely works from the bottom up

• listens to what communities need and want

• doesn't want or expect people to be part of a top down party platform system


I, WE, YOU, set the priorities, the issues that matter to us.  The party doesn't tell us how to think of issues, we decide that for ourselves, this NEW kind of party gives us the tools to make meaningful change in our neighborhoods, in our states.  We might not agree on certain issues and that is OK, we can come together, find meaningful dialogue and collectively do what's best for our communities.

This is why I am donating to Forward!  Why are you donating to Forward?

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