SC Forward Team, 

Attached you will find Forward South Carolina's first formal resolution in opposition to the 'Constitutional Carry' bills currently being debated in the SC Legislature. If passed, these bills would remove the permit, training, and age limit requirements to conceal or open carry a handgun in most public spaces. The state leads reviewed and voted in enthusiastic favor to move forward with the resolution as these bills go against all common sense and all available data on the gun violence crisis, and reflect special and party interests over the people of South Carolina.   

Please urgently share our resolution as well as our petition to your networks as there are only 6 weeks left in session and we suspect the legislature will try to work very quickly to push this through. 

We are working toward long-term systemic change, but that doesn't mean we can't try and influence the here and now. Thank you for you support. 

SC FWD Leadership Team