Eddie Sing

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My name is Eddie Sing and I am a songwriter, producer, singer and artist who is about to release an album that I hope will achieve some of the same ends of the Forward Party. We need some unity and we need it bad. Hoping to help out in any way I can w/m
Eddie Sing's Fundraiser

Our Path Forward . . .

I'm raising money to establish the Forward Party as a political force in each of our 50 divided states in an attempt to bring reasonable people on all sides of the aisles together for a mandate to care for our earth, be mindful of the machines, and put humanity first.  You can pray to God or you can simply do the Math.  We're in trouble folks, and a safe way out the door is to vote Dem in 2024, but register as a Forwardist in 2023.  That's a move ; )

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