The Forward Party espouses the core principles of Free People, Thriving Communities, and a Vibrant Democracy. Unfortunately, here in Texas, nearly all state legislative seats are decided in partisan primaries rather than the general election. This leads to the enactment of laws that are supported by only the small minority of the electorate that votes in primaries. 

While disagreements about how we govern ourselves are inevitable, we believe those disagreements should be resolved through a civil, respectful, democratic process, and by elected officials who represent the majority.  Therefore, affecting structural electoral reforms that will result in fair representation and accountability of elected officials to the general electorate is a priority for the Texas Forward Party.

Because the Texas Legislature only meets every two years, the Texas Forward Party feels it has an obligation to issue resolutions in support of specific bills that are aligned with our core principles and priorities and have the support of a majority of Texans and of our members and supporters.  Similarly, we will issue resolutions condemning bills that are contrary to our principles and priorities and are opposed by the majority.

These resolutions do not constitute comprehensive position statements on these difficult issues, but rather support for (opposition to) incremental improvements (regressions) that can be made in the short term. Ultimately, these difficult issues will not be fully resolved and the will of the majority reflected in our laws until structural electoral reform can be realized. Click below to see resolutions adopted for the 2023 legislative session.


A Resolution of the Texas Forward Party Executive Committee In Favor of Two Ranked Choice Voting Proposals in Texas

A Resolution of the Forward Party of Texas Executive CommitteeIn Favor of Amending Texas Abortion Law to Include Exceptions for Rape & Incest