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North Carolina native who is passionate about progress. Let's be a part of the change together!
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The System Is Broken: Together, We Can Fix It

Hi! My name is Preston and I'm a volunteer State Lead for North Carolina. Forward Party communities are rapidly growing in every state across the nation. The NC-FWD Community is filled with people that are tired of choosing between the lesser of two evils, especially when neither of our two options really makes us feel represented, respected, or heard!

Good news, we can actually do something about it! The system we live under has real problems, but there are also real solutions. All we need now is more people to join us in taking a stand.

If you are tired of politicians talking about problems instead of fixing them; If you are tired of our leaders pointing fingers; and if you are ready to learn more about the party of principles that has a gameplan to rid of the hyperpolarization: Join below and I'll reach out soon!

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