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Presidential Candidate for World Peace and to Make America Greater Than it Ever Has Been. B.S., MBA, CEO International Book Marketer, with Public and Private Sector experience in Telecommunications, Airline, Licensed Wall St Financial Services, Director
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Presidential Candidate for World Peace and to "Make America Greater Than it Ever Has Been"

I love the idea of Third Party Not Left Not Right: to help extricate the hate in the extremes.  Middle-of-the-road.  I love ranked-choice voting.  Hoping to eliminate poverty.  Mpre resources for mental health.  Having worked in mental health as an advocate and provider of services, I am aware of recent research that could provide help and hope for the least fortunate individuals in the US, particularly veterans.  I believe Mr. Yang is a brilliant leader and this Party has the greatest chance of any third party to win the Presidency where Peace could be prioritized.  Perhaps we are not forecast to be in a position to endorse for 2024 because we are not in enough states, but I nevertheless am trying to raise funds to overcome that limitation.  I love Mr. Yang's belief that America can solve any problem and his willingness to consider new ideas.  I am the author of my latest book, "Peace, Love, Happiness, and Joy for God's Universe" and I am the Presidential Candidate for World Peace ("America First") and "Make America Greater Than it Ever Has Been".  My ideas include Popular Vote Rule, Mandating rubber bullets, Medicare for all, free higher education, parity between physical and mental health insurance coverage, teaching values in schools to reduce bullying and violent crime later in life.  Non-violence (except in self-defense).  Biden got in the race when Trump said there were "good people on both sides": people are people and they can do good and bad things.  Nazi, Ku Klux Klan, white nationalists and supremacists, ant-Asian, anti-Semitic, (hate groups) must all be opposed.  I am Unitarian Universalist and accept Christianity, Judaism, Islam, aetheist, agnostic, Buddhist, etc., just non-violent (non-extremist).  My book is the answer for people willing to find a modern-day Bible or Koran.  America was founded on "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".  I believe instead we need: "Peace, Love, Happiness, and Joy".  Do we have Life with not only mass murders, but also lethal handguns?  Russia points nuclear at us, North Korea leader watches video of White House in a mushroom cloud, Iran doesn't want Israel to exist, the latter think they deserve a "Promised Land" and should have it because they are "Chosen People" and Palestinians are not.  This world is out of control more so than ever before.  And Trump wouldn't sign the Paris Treaty, delayed response to Covid, discriminated against Muslims, bragged he could "shoot someone" and his popularity would go up.  Biden was known as a plagurizer, "touchy" towards women, told Obama "this is a big f-ckin deal" when Obamacare went through.  His first job as President is to protect our borders but he gives it to Kamala.  We give so much money to Ukraine, but we don't pay our dues to the U.N. and if we, along with the rest of the members, supported the UN  supplying the money and weapons, Putin might not have his finger on the "button" against US.  Reagan bluffed "Star Wars" and the Soviet Union collapsed unable to match such a military advantage.  Do similar.  In chess, one must defend the king, but the object is to attack the king and hopefully get them to resign before being captured.  Putin is the richest man on Earth and can finance this war, draining our resources.  Biden says Putin is a war criminal but he doesn't want World War III.  So isn't it war already? Shouldn't we have stopped Hitler when he first entered Poland?  Putin says Ukraine has Nazis.  Regardless: he is violent and made the first move and that's against International Law.  Is it not genocide?  Did we not say "Never Again"?  Wasn't this what the UN was founded for?  Putin is afraid of NATO.  Imagine if he believed he was against the entire UN?  My suggestion for the US and every individual citizen is in the title of my book; 
Peace, Love, Happiness, and Joy and contains evidence-based methodologies to attain it.  A friend of mine works full-time and has to pay $600 for health insurance.  In my former field in mental health, disabled recipients on SSI live on $1000/month.  We all need a living wage.  How do we pay for my proposals?  We spend more on defense than China, Russia, and several other countries COMBINED.  If we declared World Peace, and spent less money on military globally we could save $Trillions and get Portugal, Ireland, etc., and ourselves out of debt and stop investing in non-producing assets and perhaps lower inflation globally.  And we should invest in alternative energy to lower fossil-fuel emissions and less greenhouse gases before Global Warming floods us all while the sun's rays give us cancer.  The Surgeon General already says NO amount of sun is healthy anymore - not even for Vitamin D.  Cigarettes make non-smokers pay into Medicare and Medicaid to support lung cancer victims for long periods.  Same goes for alcohol.  Make both by prescription and get people off: no more DWI.  The Surgeon General says NO amount of alcohol is good.  Food stamps don't cover organic and healthiest foods so we're obese and get diabetes and heart attack.  Truck drivers and pilots have to work so hard to get by they are accident-prone.  Drugs are legal in Portugal, as is prostitution and drug dealers, gangs, and pimps have to work legally and pay taxes.  My value system is: "Love Based on Truth, Justice, and Commitment".  Muhammed claims he got the Koran from Allah and the Bible from God - that's where I got my values from as a Born-Again Christian, "married to God" Deist-Humanist.  rity of the side-effects.  NYC is becoming a bit of a police state.  My best friend was told by a psychiatrist that her "problem is that she believes in God - it's causality" and he had her injected and involuntarily confined.  We can end the stigma of "mental illness" by calling it "mental health issues" and educate the public that such people are "mentally injured" via PTSD and are more often victims rather than victimizers of violent crime and such a condition is recoverable.  That way who need the help aren't afraid to ask for it - before the few become weapons of mass destruction - who get the most publicity.  There's corruption in government and business.  Insurance fraud.  People with money face a different justice system.  Mueller said Trump would have been indicted if not that he was a sitting president.  He's not a sitting president now.  Pedophile priests are moved to other churches,  UN high-level staffers have diplomatic immunity for even sexual assault.  Victims afraid to report.  John MCcain said "Messiah is above my pay grade": it's not above mine I'll do it for free given any paying position!  What's their task?  World Peace.  My mother was Ashkenazi Jewish - most Nobel Prizes.  Father: Episcopalian - most US Presidents.  Mensa - no President yet.  Second Coming of Christ?  It's prophesized, as well as the World Leader of a United World Government at the United Nations!  After I make the US Peaceful, reorganize the UN and make the World Peaceful as its Leader with the help of all other countries - and God, of course!  One day perhaps choose to worship "GOAL" - acronym for God and Allah - maybe 1000 years from now.

Then there's the wealth-gap  - the worst we've ever had.

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