When November 03, 2022 at 6:30pm 2 hrs
Contact Alex Upton [email protected]
We recognize, due to Monday's rain out, there is now a Phillies World Series game scheduled tomorrow night (in addition to an Eagles game). We're still planning on meeting tomorrow but will shift the meeting time a little earlier to 6:30 (from 7pm), with the promise that we'll wrap up by 8pm at the latest. We also encourage people to come and go as they please. While we do have a couple small discussions and ice breakers planned, the event is informal and we just want to take the opportunity to meet people in person. 
We've had this on the books for a while and don't want to cancel it at the last minute, so encourage anybody and everybody to come for whatever amount of time they are comfortable with!
Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! We'll plan to meet in the general seating area (inside or outside depending on weather) that is on the right side of the Wegman's building, if you're looking at the front. If you need to reach me on my cell, my number is 610-742-5219.
Will you come?