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I'm a native Iowan based out of Des Moines. I graduated from Grand View with a biology degree, but currently work in politics in texting and call dialing. I was also the Deputy Field Director of the Iowa Yang Campaign. Let's build the FWD Party!
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"The duopoly will kill us." - Andrew Yang 

That's it. That's the call to action. Our political system is so dysfunctional we need you to save it. That's why I'm here, and if you feel anxious about the future and are perpetually disappointed at the ineptitude of governance know that you're not alone. 

The only reasonable course of action is to take action, and change the system that's currently designed for failure. We need to do it right now, and the future generations need us to rise to this occasion. Attend meetings, volunteer, take a leadership position, and do what you can to stay informed and involved. Visit the Forward Party of Iowa pages here: Facebook | Twitter | Discord | Basecamp

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