PA November Statewide Meeting Agenda.

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  • Election results. 

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A. Pennsylvania Forward Party is an official political body which is a step on the way to becoming an official political party. 

We have identified interim leadership positions. For those looking to be involved with leadership as the party continues to grow and formalize, please let us know and get involved with the process. 

Interim officers: Chairman-Christian Fyke, Vice Chair (East) Kyle DeMarino, Vice Chair (West) Brian McMurray, Vice Chair (Central) Hector Torres-Diaz, Advisor-Ethan Demme

There are additional members of the leadership team and opportunities for additional leadership roles. Email: [email protected] 

Bi-laws will be prepared during this interim period. We will also begin planning the first PA Forward Party State Convention. 

Again, this is an opportunity for you to get involved. There will be a variety of committees and needs to accomplish this. 

B. Team Reports-Communications, Research-vetting races to get involved and potential candidates, Finance and Fundraising, Organizing- convention sub-committees. Date/location, Program-speakers, format, auxiliary events, Marketing-advertising, event branding onsite, merchandise. 

C. Ongoing opportunities- Tuesdays Framework Sessions, Monthly Statewide Calls, Monday Office Hours- 11a- 12(ish) get questions answered about what is happening or help with getting your own events planned.

Where can you find what is going on? PA Calendar of Events. And here in the blog.


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