Welcome to the Oregon chapter!

Who are we? We are a team of citizens like you who care about our community. We are building a movement in Oregon to improve citizens’ day-to-day lives, no matter their party affiliation. We believe that great ideas can come from people from all over the political spectrum.

How? Ask the Oregon people what they want done - then do it. We will make a list of what each city and district wants and then work with local activists, civic organizations, and political leaders to get it done in the simplest and most pragmatic way possible.

We are Forward, a new kind of politics. Everyone is welcome.

Get access to our monthly zoom meetings and in-person gatherings by filling out the form and clicking join the community.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR ORGANIZERS - We will take action in your community - email us at [email protected] to apply, title "Organizer - Your Name". We don't want passive volunteers, but active leaders for these roles. The goal is to have organizers lead 5 different projects in each of our strategic cities (Portland, Salem, Eugene, Medford, and Bend).

In this role, you would be the go-to person for a single city-wide project like the environment, small business, and housing (projects are decided by a poll of citizens in your city) - helping coordinate and ally with other organizations to GSD (Get Shit Done, our motto).

Join us and help grow a team to work with anyone to make things better.