Are you enthusiastic about policymaking and care about how policies affect everyday Nevadans?  Support our mission to hold legislators accountable by joining our Research and Government Relations Team!  

Purpose:  The research and government relations team is composed of a research officer, government relations coordinator, and data analysts.  This team is essential in growing the Forward Party of Nevada, by supporting the organization’s mission to bridge relations between legislators and voters, as well as identifying and vetting potential Forward candidates.  

Location: Remote

Responsibilities and Activities: 

  • Foster a culture of civic engagement by providing the organization with information on proposed bills, upcoming town halls, and other events hosted by elected officials 
  • Create and maintain database of proposed bills and partner with State Leadership to determine party stance (i.e. support, oppose, or neutral)
  • Identify potential Forward candidates for federal and state offices
  • Gather, record, analyze, and interpret government information as it relates to Forward Nevada’s efforts (e.g. deadlines with Secretary of State, requirements for ballot initiatives, etc.)

The Research and Government Relations Team is a great fit for those who: 

  • Have strong interpersonal and written communication skills, enjoy policy making and civic engagement, and are data-driven and organized
  • Hold a career in:  government relations, data entry, political campaigns

Time Commitment: 1-5 hours per week

Support:  Training (including NationBuilder navigation) will be provided, as well as access to State Leadership and Forward Staff for ongoing support and collaboration. 


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