More primaries are coming up soon. California, Iowa, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota and Mississippi will hold primaries on June 7. We’ll be bringing news to you of those results when they come out.  In addition to the primaries, there are some special elections and run-offs to watch, and the Washington Post has highlighted these in The Trailer: Nine summer days that will define the 2022 midterms.

Primary elections have achieved a major spotlight in our media even though only roughly a quarter of Americans take part. As we have noted in much of our correspondence, primaries have become the de facto elections in much of the country as gerrymandering eliminates competitive districts and the primary is the only election that matters.

New York’s redistricting dilemma has finally been resolved, with new maps stemming from a court ruling that the Democratic maps did not adhere to anti-gerrymandering rules. With the districts now established, one well-known New York Representative, Jerry Nadler, is headed for a primary with fellow incumbent, Carolyn Maloney. Both have served in Congress for decades and are seen as leaders in their party.

On a Forward Party note, our state teams have a large number of events on the calendar. Be sure to find an event near you. When you sign up to volunteer, you’ll also get access to our volunteer Basecamp where you can learn more about fellow Forwardists and find out what makes our supporters stand out from those of other parties. Hint - it has a lot to do with Grace and Tolerance.


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Memorial Day weekend was marked with family and community gatherings, parades, carnivals, and travel. However you spent it, we hope you kept the sacrifice of fallen soldiers and their families in mind.

Those who serve in our military fight for democracy, usually in places where democracy is nothing but a dream. One organization, Veterans for Political Innovation, has made it their mission to bring electoral reform to America. VPI is focused on delivering open primaries and voting reform to the nation. With 49% of veterans not registered with either major political party, it's a priority of VPI to open primaries. Military members from multiple states including Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina also have been able to use Ranked-Choice Voting while deployed abroad for years, making this constituency a key one in normalizing RCV in the States. You can learn more by watching this video event hosted by RAM (Renew America Movement) with guests Eric Bronner (Founder) and Todd Connor (Co-Founder) of VPI.


The Economy

Inflation is top of mind for many Americans.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted Tuesday that she had failed to anticipate how long high inflation would continue. President Biden says he will not instruct the Federal Reserve, and instead,Respect the Fed, respect the Fed’s independence.”

With increased prices causing many to dip into savings, 25% of Americans are putting off retirement plans. Despite rising prices and decreased savings, the mood of consumers doesn’t seem to be slowing down spending which exceeded the rise in incomes in April. In other words, despite inflation now topping the list of American concerns, consumer confidence has only dipped very slightly.



The GOP Senate Primary in Pennsylvania still hasn’t been called, with the famed (and Trump-endorsed) Dr. Oz and hedge-fund CEO David McCormick both sticking to their campaign schedules. Dr. Oz leads in the initial count by fewer than 1,000 votes, but the courts are already involved in the recount process. In the meantime, John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee, clinched his spot in the general election during the primary, and he's remaking what a viable candidate looks like. He says, “All I ever wear are short-sleeve work shirts because hard work is the only way to build our communities back up.” Fetterman bucked the establishment and refused endorsements.

10,000 Wyomingites showed up for a Trump rally where he is working to oust Liz Cheney from her seat in Congress with a challenge from Harriet Hageman. Voters in this state, where Trump won 70% of the vote in 2020, answered his speech with chants of “USA.” 

In Georgia, some of the most watched primary races decided against candidates with Trump endorsements. Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger both kept their spots on the GOP ticket in the general election.

As more primary results come in, it's hard to find a pattern in how establishment candidates and Trump-backed candidates are doing. It's a mixed bag, showing that the two major parties are losing control of their candidates and the electorate. This is no surprise, as over 60% of Americans feel as if the two parties no longer represent them.


The Gun Debate

In the wake of the school shooting in Uvalde, the shooting in Buffalo, and an additional 14 mass murders over the holiday weekend, the debate over how to curb gun violence has once again risen to the spotlight. 

Sen. Mitch McConnell instructed Sen. John Cornyn to work across the aisle to see if the two sides can’t come to some bipartisan gun legislation, while Sens. Blumenthal (D-CT) and. Graham (R-SC) are discussing "red flag" laws and have reportedly made progress, as confirmed in statements by both Senators. The House Judiciary Committee is calling an emergency hearing this week to consider a package of gun control bills, including one that would increase the legal purchasing age for semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21, but it's likely that anything the House passes wouldn't even get a vote in the Senate. If history is any indicator, these talks will stall out, and Congress will fail to enact any meaningful legislation addressing any of the root causes of this recurring issue.

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