Before launching into Forward news, we’d like to acknowledge the tragedy that took place yesterday in Texas.

Tragedies like this are never easy for communities and our hearts are full of sadness. The nation has been facing an onslaught of violence and there is no doubt that Congress and state legislatures must take a comprehensive approach to stopping so much senseless death.

Yet our elected leaders can’t even sit in a room together to discuss solutions.

They are failing all of us.

Americans deserve to feel safe in schools and subways, in places of worship and grocery stores, in our homes, in our communities, and in our country.

For that to happen, we will need legislators with the courage to name, understand, and solve all of the factors that lead to such heartrending tragedies.

The Forward Party is committed to finding those leaders across the political spectrum who will work towards lasting solutions that make America a safe place to live.


The Forward Party Team

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We continue to watch the primaries and bring you news from across the country. The GOP is predicted to win back the House and Senate, but an opinion piece in Newsweek suggests that the real question is whether the Democrats can at least keep the margins close. What do you think? Take the survey.




Three states held primaries on Tuesday, May 24: Georgia, Alabama and Arkansas. Texas held its primary run-off for several posts.

Key takeaways by CNN from the May 24 primaries include Georgia remaining a battleground state, Texas Republicans leaning further right, and that the Trump endorsement factor continues to come into play, but lost ground after a couple of key losses in Georgia.

Fox News reports that Kemp’s landslide victory in Georgia’s GOP gubernatorial primary a stinging setback for Trump.


With recent changes to its election code, adding voting restrictions and sweeping changes to election administration, the nation is watching to see what impact such changes will have. So far, Georgia is recording record high early voter turnout despite new election laws, cutting against the fears of Democrats that these laws would depress turnout. In early voting, the state saw a 189 percent increase in turnout.

The big headlines leading up to the primary were focused on the Trump effect on Republican candidates. Results are mixed.


Governor Brian Kemp fended off a challenge from Trump endorsed candidate and former Senator, David Perdue. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of Kemp. This represents a break from the former president’s endorsement successes which stand at 96% as of last week.

Kemp will face Stacey Abrams, the nominee for Governor following the Democratic primary in which she ran unopposed. Abrams is credited with having helped win Georgia for President Biden in the 2020 elections. This will be the second time the two go head to head in the gubernatorial race.

US Senate

Trump did have a victory with the nomination of former football star Herschel Walker who will face Democrat Raphael Warnock, the incumbent Senator. Walker and Warnock have already provided a preview of what is looking to be a fierce fight.

Secretary of State

Incumbent Brad Raffensberger, who had a very public falling out with Donald Trump over the vote count in 2020, soundly defeated Trump-backed challenger Jodi Hice. This makes two losses for Trump in Georgia.  Raffensberger will face Democrat challenger Bee Nguyen

US House of Representatives

Marjorie Taylor Greene, despite a challenge attempting to keep her off the GOP ballot, easily won the nomination to hold her seat. She will face Marcus Flowers in November. Flowers raised over 8 million dollars, but it is unlikely to help him with Georgia's 14th Congressional District being the 10th most Republican nationally. Greene will likely hold her seat. In her victory speech, Greene stated"Sending me back to Washington will send a message to the bloodsucking establishment: It is we who will set the policy agenda for the next decade and not them.” In that same speech, she called Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell one of Congress’ “failed leaders” and bemoaned the “cruel and illegal treatment of many nonviolent Jan. 6 protesters.”

Due to redistricting, two Democratic seated members of Congress faced off, with Rep. Lucy McBath defeating “Blue Dog Democrat” Carolyn Bourdeaux. The Blue Dog Democrats are a moderate, fiscally conservative caucus. McBath was endorsed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren and is viewed as a more progressive candidate.



In Alabama, the Democratic primary hardly registers in the news since it is another staunchly Republican state. While no Alabama Republican candidate was endorsed by Trump, several did lean into their connection to the former president during their campaigns.. 

US Senate

A runoff election will be held on June 21 between incumbent Mo Brooks and challenger Katie Britt. Brooks lost Trump’s endorsement after saying the country should move on from the stolen election rhetoric. Brooks had a last minute surge in the days leading up to the primary, and in response to the results, he stated“Two months ago, the experts declared our campaign dead in the water. Today? Call me Lazarus! Back from the dead, resurrected by Alabama citizens who figured out who the real MAGA conservative is, and voted for America First.” 

Brooks had been endorsed by Ted Cruz, who declared him as having the "strongest conservative record in the Alabama primary." 

Britt, if she wins the election in November, will be the first woman to represent Alabama in the Senate.

US House of Representatives

Due to redistricting, two Democratic seated members of Congress faced off, with Rep. Lucy McBath defeating “Blue Dog Democrat” Carolyn Bourdeaux. The Blue Dog Democrats are a moderate, fiscally conservative caucus. McBath was endorsed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren and is viewed as a more progressive candidate.



Texas held runoff elections on Tuesday with several closely watched races.

Attorney General

Incumbent Ken Paxton emerged the winner in the race for Attorney General. Paxton, backed by Trump, defeated George P. Bush, son of Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida, in yet another sign that the old Republican party is fading in power. Paxton recently made news by suing the Biden administration over border policies. Paxton himself is subject to an indictment on state securities fraud charges, and he is currently under investigation by the FBI for alleged bribery and corruption. Bush had tried to use Paxton’s indictment against him,  stating that Paxton’s nomination would be “an embarrassment to the party [and to] the state. 

US House of Representatives

In a closely watched Democratic runoff for the U.S. House, Rep. Henry Cuellar has declared victory, but challenger Cisneros has not conceded. A win for Cuellar is said to be a win for the establishment since he is known as a deal-maker in Congress based on his willingness to vote on elements of the GOP agenda and compromise to get things done. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is angry at the defeat (should it stand) of progressive challenger Jessica Cisneros after House Majority Whip James Clyburn doubled-down on his support of Cuellar, raising big money for him. The race, one of the highest profile battles between establishment Democrat leadership and the progressive wing of the party, captures the core cultural battle going on within the Democratic party. 



In Arkansas, Trump’s endorsements paid off for candidates.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders has won the Republican nominationSanders’ opponent “Doc” Washburn ran on claiming that Sanders  was not conservative enough.

She will face Democratic nominee Chris Jones, ordained minister and nuclear engineer. However, given the dominance of the GOP in Arkansas, it is said that Jones will be lucky to get 38% of the vote.

US House of Representatives

Incumbent Rep. John Boozeman fended off a challenge in the GOP primary in which attacks focused on his record of voting for Democratic bills in 31% of cases. Boozeman, despite such a record, had earned Trump’s endorsement. 


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