Janie Monier

Maryland | FCPS Board of Education, Candidate
Monier is a registered nurse running on the belief voter access and choice is the key to building a truly representative government.
Janie Monier's Profile

Monier is excited to strengthen our democracy through public service. Beyond the success of her own campaign for the Board of Education is an opportunity to work with others towards a common goal of having voters feel like their vote really matters and their elected official is someone they can get behind. All the other issues cannot be adequately addressed without a representative government that represents the people versus their biggest donors.

Monier is running for the Board of Education because they can do a better job of reaching out to all communities and bringing them into the conversations and decisions that are affecting their students and families. She hopes she can accomplish better communication and collaboration between students and their families with the Board of Education. Communicating earlier and more often is key to a successful partnership between the community and their elected officials.

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