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What IS the Froward Summit?

This summit will be the first time that the Forward Party will be getting everyone together from all over the nation to "Set the Table" for this nationwide movement.

What do you mean "Set the Table"?

While some places may serve you a mostly bread crabcake on a boat oar, we need to create a welcoming table for everyone to come, enjoy and share.  What this looks like for the national summit is for all of the states to gather to create a strategic roadmap with specific steps that will drive where we are putting our efforts to build this party from the ground up.  Also this is an opportunity for an intensive training weekend so the selected delegates from Maryland will be valuable resources as they can train and communicate the things that they learned.  The event being in-person will also allow a great bridge to be built between Maryland and the other state teams as well as the national team.

Why should we be there?

The delegates that will be selected are there to represent the people of Maryland and especially the Forward Party Supporters of Maryland.  We are building a new type of party, and having your ideas represented at this summit will have ripple effects long after this summit is over.

What are the next steps?

We have a fundraising goal of $5,000 that we need to meet for our delegates to make it to the summit, if you can please donate.

The selection process for voting delegates has not been released yet, but as soon as the process is known to the Maryland Leadership team we will communicate that with you.

In order for your ideas to be represented at the summit.  WE NEED YOUR IDEAS!  Please fill out the form below, as well as comment and vote on other's ideas.  Please note that this summit will not be looking to make a "platform", as this summit is more focused on creating a roadmap for the foundations of the party across the nation.

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  • Don’t Call Ourselves Independents

    Stand for something, not just against the “other things”. Hypothesis: One of the downfalls of past/existing “Independent” Parties are that they inspire words in their followers like “I don’t belong to any party. I’m Independent.” According to Webster, Independent means “not subject to others”, “not affiliated”, “not reliant on others”. It’s hard to create a movement from people who aren’t reliant on each other. To work together implies some form of being beholden to the impacts of your decisions on others. The words we use should reflect our collaborations and intentions as we move the country Forward.

  • Conscious Governance

    1. Prioritize Problems to be Solved using structured debate 2. Measure each problem 3. Collect Solution Ideas from the Community 4. Vote and Fund Solutions Using Tiered, Venture-style Funding, unlocking new funds if they successfully meet metrics to help solve one or more problems

  • How do we measure success?

    I think it's important for us to discuss, decide, and track metrics that are correlated with social well-being and healthy communities. We can then determine action plans tied to improving components of those metrics.

  • Clarifying FWD Party vis a vis “Other Centrist Independents”,

    For Example, the Reform Party, the Unity Party ( familiar slogan) or the Alliance Party

  • Define guardrails for candidates - what is NOT acceptable as a position

    We should define some positions that we are clearly against - while there is lots of middle ground that we might discuss, there are clearly extreme things we should not allow (e.g., allowing guns everywhere, no abortion under any conditions, free hate speech).