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I am a 42 year old woman from Southern military Families. I am a mixed minority. I do what I can to bring awareness and actually help for those with Epilepsy, Soldiers and Veterans, Low Income families and ECE (Early Childhood Education). I also want to
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I have left the Democratic party as I feel they are ignoring We the People.

From gas, food, housing, Veterans, Epilepsy, Elders and disabled I see leaders failing the system but doing everything they can to help the elite.

As a woman from military on both sides of my families from the Southern states of America and a survivor of Epilepsy I see help needed is being ignored or thrown out.

I see Colorado has a mayor in Denver that cares more about money from corporate companies moving in with their young adult employees to get votes for his party, money for his pocket and homelessness for Coloradans.

I see a President who wouldn't sign the George Floyd law, a President who sends more money to a war that doesn't even involve us, ignores our Military and is trying to take away the choices we get to make for ourselves.

I see a U.S. Congress turning down the deal to offer more funding to our Veterans who serve and protect and risk their lives for millions of people yet they will put our money to others who are not in the average Americans income bracket.

I am alive today because we use to have a real President. A President who created a health plan that brought me back to having insurance coverage after I was dropped when I developed Epilepsy in College.

Thanks to his plan and living in one of the 12 states trained to do it, I have been seizure free thanks to the Neuropace (RNS) and most importantly Thanks to President Obama.

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