Eugene Balsmeier

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Retired nuclear industry professional. Have four sons and between us we have over 80 years of service to our country through the Navy and Airforce. Hoping to turn the tide and keep the two party system from destroying America.
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Save America from the two party system.

The two party system is slowly destroying America as we know it and one way to stop it is to provide balance with a strong third party. We are in a rapidly accelerating death spiral which has been created by the constant hate and vitriol of the two party system.

In reality we are all more alike than we are different but the two party system magnifies those differences and has created a philosophy of hate between the two parties. What is really sad is that the two party system has become created two religious cults bent of destroying the other party.

It's time! Time to stand up and do something different to stop the continued insanity being created by the current system. 

No left, no right just Forward


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