The Forward Party Executive Board Issues Statement on 2024 Presidential Election

“The Forward Party will not run a presidential candidate in 2024. While that does not preclude the party, its leaders, or our many dedicated volunteers from being involved in that race, our plans as an organization are focused on the longer project of strengthening our democracy through competition. Americans are hungry for more and better choices in all of their elections, from town halls to the US Capitol. There are more than 500,000 elected offices across America, and the majority are uncontested. Our mission is to bring more choices, voices, and competition to those elections.

The work of tens of thousands of Forward Party members is laying the foundation for a viable national party that will eventually run candidates for every office. This bottom-up strategy will take time and effort, but we believe it will ensure that the Forward Party is able to persist into the future. There are groups who are working on taking a top-down approach, focused on the 2024 Presidential election. While their goals and strategy are different from ours, we hope that any of these efforts focused on 2024 are genuinely dedicated to nourishing an inclusionary and lasting independent and new party movement for a new kind of politics in our country.

The 2024 presidential election is immensely important to our nation’s future, as is every presidential election. But we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to fix our politics, and seizing that opportunity takes precedence over the headline-grabbing spectacle of the presidential race, especially when the rules of that election are intentionally devised to preclude competition. Instead, our energy is concentrated on real, lasting change earned through the steady and deliberate work of electoral reform and national party building. Forward Party members are already engaged in that crucial work, gathering signatures and gaining legal recognition in states across the country.

Building a credible, viable, durable new party for the majority of Americans who are sick of politics as usual is the Forward Party’s central focus. We invite all Americans to join us in our quest to build a better political system not just for the next year, but for the next generation and those that follow.”