Adam Frisch

Colorado | US House CD-3, Candidate
Running for Lauren Boebert’s old seat that she vacated because his challenge was too strong. His new opponent is widely unknown and Frisch is looking to set himself apart as a rational option for voters.
Adam Frisch's Profile

Recent polling shows Adam Frisch edging out election-denying incumbent Lauren Boebert, who won her last race by a mere 546 votes against Frisch. Frisch's strong appeal among unaffiliated voters—a 17-point advantage—highlights his capacity to unite. Boebert officially withdrew from this race to run in CO-4. The Republican primary is a crowded field with 11 candidates. Frisch offers a different, more representative path that resonates with a broad spectrum of voters. As a former Aspen City Council member and an experienced investor, he brings the skills needed to legislate effectively and drive economic growth. The race is tight, and we cannot afford to miss this opportunity to bring common sense back to Colorado.

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