May 10, 2023



12 States to Receive National Party Focus for 2024 Election Cycle


FREDERICK, MD – The Forward Party has announced a strategic restructuring to emphasize 12 states that will receive increased resources to field competitive political campaigns in the 2024 election cycle. Maryland is one of the dozen states which will receive enhanced support from the national party. 

The Maryland Forward Party is currently seeking ballot access to run candidates in local and state elections in 2024. In addition to running candidates as Forwardists, the Maryland Forward Party intends to endorse other party candidates who demonstrate a commitment to election reform, innovative solutions, and civil discourse. 

"With this renewed focus on Maryland as a battleground state for Forward, we are committed to establishing the party through petition by the end of 2023 and running candidates in the 2024 election," said Maryland Forward Party Chair, Matthew Beyers.

Beyers added, "We're identifying candidates who embrace conversation over conflict and election reforms such as ranked choice voting, non-partisan primaries, and independent redistricting commissions. Together we can make Maryland a representative government of the people, by the people and for the people."

The Forward Party selected Maryland and other states due to those organizations' ability to demonstrate strong leadership, viability for ballot access, and an ability to attract political candidates among other criteria. Non-principal party candidates have until July 1, 2024 to file their candidacy with the Maryland Board of Elections. 

The Maryland Forward Party is building a political alternative for voters seeking to end polarization, gridlock, and partisan ideology while committing to finding common ground and healing our communities. 


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Bryan Mullins


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