Today marks a historic moment! The Forward Party proudly announces our first slate of endorsed candidates, who will take action to build a better democracy—one that is inclusive of all voters, not just a few.

You might be wondering who these candidates are and how we decided to endorse them. Like everything at Forward, our endorsement process is different by design. Rather than centralized and hidden, ours is built to be inclusive and transparent.

It starts with an open call for endorsement requests, from both candidates and local Forward groups that have interesting candidates they’d like to advance. Then, a working group was assembled that included national HQ staff, state leads selected through a nomination/RCV process, and party advisors. Together, we analyzed the candidates and made final recommendations.

Today we are excited to share that list and begin the final push to Election Day. Our diverse slate of endorsed candidates up and down the ballot will show America the kind of people who embody the values and core mission of the Forward Party.

Envision this…

It’s an average fall morning. The breeze is blowing through the red and yellow leaves as you sip your morning coffee or tea. It’s almost November, and you're thinking about how to use your voting power this election as you check the morning news and then head off for the day.

You notice many people while you're out and about. You drive past as someone in a perfectly tailored suit is rushing through the crosswalk into the courthouse; as you run your errands you meet a local cashier who scans your groceries, and throughout the day you meet many with worn hands from a long day's hard work. At school, a young parent is picking up their children alongside yours. You encounter so many people in your daily life, but what you didn't realize is that these are what your candidates look like. 

Diverse. And they may even look just like you.

Some may be in suits, others with a baby in tow or grease under their nails. They have different careers, backgrounds, upbringings, and political leanings, but what they all have in common is a dedicated passion to serve the people—their neighbors and their fellow Americans.

This is exactly what you’ll see in the candidates endorsed by the Forward Party.

The covers will vary widely, but what you’ll find written on the pages is the same—they are ready. Ready to wake up, listen, and extend a hand. Ready to help their communities overcome the everyday challenges. Ready to share a vision of hope for a future when we don’t just survive but thrive. Ready to take action to create that better future, where people are truly free, and our economy is as diverse and vibrant as our communities.

This November you can be the changemaker and hand-raiser your community needs. You have the power to help write the pages of tomorrow in America’s  history book.

Talk to your friends and family, volunteer, donate, sign up to work the polls, and make sure you are heard! Forward candidates need your help now and after November 8th. Join us!

Blair Walsingham


Mother-Veteran-Uniter *Universal Basic Income*