BEFORE you sign up on this page to express general interest in getting involved in our working groups, make sure to check out all of our existing volunteer opportunities - there might just be a role we're looking to fill that you'd be perfect for!

Now, here are some brief explanations of what each working group works on:

⚙️ Infrastructure Working Group – Improving our structures, including our workflows, website, softwares, to make it easier for volunteers, supporters, and working groups to work and communicate

🗣 Communications Working Group – Deals with the management of our communications through social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and traditional media (news publications, email, etc.) + the creation of graphics for all forms of our communication

🎉 Organizing Working Group – For those who want to host events, whether local, in-person events at bars, restaurants, your home, etc. OR online events like Discord trivia nights, informative workshops, etc., reach out to new and potential supporters over the phone or on the street, and build up local chapters

If you're interested in more than one working group, please submit a new response once you complete this survey!

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