Endorsement & Affiliation Committee Member

Location:  Anywhere in Arkansas

Time Requested:  20 hours per month average 

As a volunteer member of the Arkansas Forward Party Endorsement & Affiliation Committee, you will play a critical role in the political process by helping to ensure that the candidates/elected officials in Arkansas who are endorsed by or affiliated with the Forward Party are qualified and committed to advancing the party's goals. You will be part of a team that conducts a thorough evaluation of each potential Forward Leader, taking into account their work and educational background, their stance on key priorities, and, if applicable, their viability as a candidate.

Members of our EAC play a critical role in the Forward Party's Forward Leader recruitment process. As such, they should have certain qualities and experiences that will enable them to carry out their responsibilities effectively and objectively.  Extensive training and guidance will be provided to anyone with the desire to take on an EAC member role, but some of the key qualities and experiences that would be good for a member of the EAC to have include:

Commitment to the values and principles of the Forward Party
Members of the EAC should be committed to the party's values and principles.

Strong analytical skills
The EAC is responsible for evaluating the qualifications of potential Forward Leaders and, if applicable, their viability as candidates, so members should have strong analytical skills and be able to assess potential Forward Leaders' work and educational backgrounds, stances on key priorities, and campaign viability.

Knowledge of the political landscape
Members of the EAC should have an understanding of the political landscape in their state, including the issues and concerns facing voters and the major players in the political scene.

Ability to work collaboratively
The EAC is a team-based effort, so members should be able to work collaboratively with other members of the team, as well as with the Forward Party's state leadership and staff.

Experience in electoral politics
While not a requirement, experience in electoral politics can be helpful for members of the EAC, especially when recruiting potential candidates, as it provides insight into the campaign process and the skills necessary for successful political campaigns.

In Summary...
Your work on the EAC will help to maintain the integrity of the Forward Party and will help build a strong and effective team of Forward Leaders who can successfully represent the party's interests at all levels of government. Through your efforts, you will help to shape the future of the Forward Party and advance its values and principles in your state.

***Please note that while the role of an EAC member may seem to require a daunting amount of skills and responsibilities, this is a volunteer position, and it is meant to be enjoyable, rewarding and engaging.  As part of a team, it is expected that some members will be stronger in some areas than others, and our newly developing party needs as much help as we can get right now to fill in all the gaps.  Again, extensive training and guidance will be provided.  So we encourage anyone who has interest in this volunteer opportunity to apply and to expect to receive a prompt response from us!

Will you volunteer?