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Welcome to the Arkansas Forward Party Community Page!

The Forward Party's mission is simple.  60% of voters want a new party, so we are building it: a viable, credible, durable new party for America, that puts power back in the hands of the American people instead of centralizing it in our party structure.  We're not just a new party, we're a new kind of party.

We are committed to transforming the status quo and fostering inclusive, equitable, and innovative policies. Our vision is rooted in principles that embrace innovative solutions, evidence-based decision-making, and a steadfast dedication to the betterment of society. We aim to bridge the divide, bring people together, and drive the much-needed systemic change that our nation craves.

Want to join us in our efforts?  Interested in Newsletters, Events, Surveys and/or Volunteer Opportunities in your community?

We're doing a lot of work to bring the values of fixing democracy to the Natural State.  No matter your current political affiliation, background, belief system, level of experience, age, skillset, etc., if you share the Forward Party’s values and mission, are PRO democracy, and you understand that compromise is essential for our democracy to function, then there is a place for you within the Arkansas Forward Party and we want to hear from you!

In 2023, the Arkansas Forward Party took several steps Forward.  We engaged Arkansans at in-person and virtual events, networked with political leaders and organizations at the local, state and national level, established a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter / X, and most importantly we established the proof of concept that: Arkansans are strongly supportive of getting Forward Party candidates on the ballot, and most are also supportive of our pro-democracy goals like Non-Partisan Primaries, Independent Redistricting and Rank Choice Voting / Instant Runoffs.  So the only question now is HOW do we get it done?

In Arkansas, what's holding us back from reaching our goals is not the 2 party duopoly, a "rigged" system, "big money" or anything else like this.  The only thing holding us back is YOU!  We need YOUR support to be successful.  Just like how democracy is not capable of functioning without at least some active participation by its citizens, our newly developing political party also simply cannot be successful without more ACTIVE participation from our supporters. 

We need volunteer LEADERS!

For us to continue to make Forward progress, we need folks eager to help build out our leadership teams and the foundations of our organizing efforts as we make history! In these early days we are actively recruiting volunteers to be founding members of the following teams: social media strategy, fundraising, volunteer recruiting and training, ballot measure petitioning and education, policy research, marketing, coalition building, and more. 

If you are willing and able to help lead our party, or if you would like to run as one of our candidates, the PLEASE APPLY HERE.  

***Please note that while the role of a Forward Party Leader may seem to require a daunting amount of skills and responsibilities, these are volunteer positions, and they are meant to be enjoyable, rewarding and engaging.  Extensive training and guidance would be provided.  So we encourage anyone who has interest in these volunteer leadership opportunities to apply and to expect to receive a prompt response from us!

Here's a few other ways you can get involved with helping Arkansas Move Forward:

  • Join our Arkansas Forward Party community by clicking the large blue "Join the Community" button on this webpage. By signing up on our Arkansas community page, you will be able to receive local newsletters and local event invites.  You’ll have the option to get involved however you like: from being a survey respondent / advisor, to local volunteer, to state team positions and even state leadership.
  • Follow the Arkansas Forward Party on Facebook and Twitter / X to show your support, engage with us there, and share our content with your friends, family, and any political groups you think might be interested.
  • Get more politically engaged and develop your political activism skills.  Continue to learn about the types of pro-democracy reforms the Forward Party is promoting that could best benefit our state while also helping the Forward Party and Independent candidates compete in future elections.  Help spread the word about the Forward Party to others, and help them get engaged in the political process as well.
  • Reach out to us! We need your feedback and advice! We typically reach out to all new Arkansas Forward Party community signups within one business day, but please do not hesitate to initiate the conversation with us using the general contact information provided below.

Need to quickly connect with us?

Call us at (479) 388-1487 or email us at [email protected]


We of course understand that not everyone who wants to help our movement has the time or ability to volunteer, and no political party or campaign can be successful without donations.  Donating just $5 every month can make a huge difference!

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