Elizabeth Burke

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Born in 1961, in Maine. Grew up poorish in very wealthy neighborhood. 2 BAs (literature & sci); 2 MAs (fine arts & social work). Returned to Maine in 1989 after living in CA for 10 yrs, where I got my 1st BA at UCSC. Grew up with this idea: "Use i
Elizabeth Burke's Fundraiser

We need to talk, think, learn, andpolitely debate, again--together. The Forward Party: Moderates from Both Sides.

The new Forward Party is created by moderates from Republican (don't move too fast) and Democratic (always explore new ideas) folks who value what the Constitution set out to do: create a process of debate hemmed in by laws, to foster thoughtfulness, diplomacy, respect, even amidst huge disagreement. Its goal is to attract those who value research, thinking, and then debate over reacting, and defuse the knee-jerk responses generated by social media. It values respect over popularity, and real human talking over retweeting. 

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