Christina Aurea

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I am a creator & consultant in the healing & performing arts. Writer, educator, musician & aspiring film maker. Life long learner, passionate about political reform.
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I am a long-time advocate for Independent Politics and a respected Multi-Party System. I believe in open debate, rank choice voting, removing campaigning money and lobbying from politics, as well as an annual 36K Universal Basic Income toward housing, food, utilities, and growth. I believe in universal access to life-long educational resources and have a career in creating media: Edutainment.

As an activist for Conscious Consumerism, I realize every dollar you spend is a vote.

Whatever you may have to give to the advocation of human potential would be well spent in supporting the movement of the Forward Party. $3 $9 $300 or $9000 is only relevant to your life. Each $1 donated is relevant to our collective safety and growth. Through political revolution at home and an awareness of our place within a global community, we can serve human growth potential around the world.


Draw Forward in the Knowledge that YOU are making a difference!

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