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Below are some of the top goals for the Colorado Forward Party


Minor Party Status

The Colorado Forward Party's top priority now is to become a minor party in Colorado. Becoming a minor party in Colorado is the first step to fielding our own Forward Party candidates in state and local elections. We intend to achieve this goal by Summer of 2023.


Alternative Voting Methods

The Forward Party is focused on making Colorado's democracy more vibrant and representative of the people in the state. We support methods of reforming our democratic processes that provide people more Voice in Voting and allow people to vote based on who they believe will do the best job rather than voting against who they think will do the worst. Check out our Alternative Voting Methods series recordings on the Previous Events page.


Community Outreach and Engagement

We believe that our support comes from the people of this state. We want to listen to and represent our people and communities as best as possible. Therefore the Colorado Forward Party will be focused on meeting with and finding ways to support our local communities and leaders. Check out the Colorado Events page for more information on upcoming events in your area!