Jevona Armstrong

South Carolina | Beaufort City Council #1, Candidate
As a wife of a brave disabled veteran, a mother of three, a long-time educator, and long-time volunteer, Jevona brings a fresh perspective and the voice of real people to policy.
Jevona Armstrong's Profile

Jevona is a strong advocate for a community that truly needs a voice. She chose the Forward Party because she knows the problems facing her community will take a new approach to politics. She believes in listening to community members first, then working together with leaders to develop useful and long-lasting solutions to real problems faced by real people. An example is the waste disposal issues currently faced by District 1 residents who do not own their homes and therefore do not have permission to use the County’s Convenience Centers, and have little to no recourse when landlords and private companies do not collect waste as contracted. Jevona would propose solutions to this problem as a member of Council.

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