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Former Democrat, Modern Whig OH Lead & Repeat Lorain, OH City Political Candidate.
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Anthony Haslage here, also known as the Internet Politician.  Since the 1990s, I have been semi-active in the politics of Ohio.  I ran for Lorain, OH city office a number of times, but was never elected.  I was raised Democrat in a family of Democrats.  In 2004, I switched to the Republican Party purely out of patriotism for the president and then switched back to Democrat.  During my last campaign, I became interested in what the Modern Whig Party had to offer.  I then became the MWP Ohio State Chair.  They eventually merged with other smaller parties and lost my interest.  Since then, I have been posting occasional business and political videos to YouTube and updating my masters thesis to be published.

You can find everything about me from my website:

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