February 13, 2023

Williams Drath ready to drive the party through the next phase of growth to deliver a new kind of politics for America

New York, NY - The Forward Party is excited to announce the appointment of Lindsey Williams Drath as Chief Executive Officer for the organization. Previously, Williams Drath served as Managing Director of Engagement, overseeing all external communications, events, and development. 

As CEO, Lindsey Williams Drath will oversee daily operations while also developing national strategy in coordination with co-chairs Andrew Yang, Christine Todd Whitman, and Michael Willner.

Her experience in the political reform movement as well as her long history in campaign politics position her well to lead this burgeoning party, forge key alliances, and steer the unprecedented 50-state effort to bring real choice to American politics.

Lindsey joined the team at Forward from Unite America where she launched the Unite America Network, the premier community of cross-partisan philanthropic investors in the democracy reform movement.

Prior to her time at Unite America, Lindsey spent almost 20 years in GOP politics including senior roles at the NRSC, RNC, Team Boehner, and Romney for President. She served as the Finance Director for over a dozen Senate and Gubernatorial races across the country. 

Quotes from Forward Party Leadership Regarding the Announcement: 

“The Forward Party is built on a set of shared values: communities and people should be empowered; the government should be accountable to them; and we should all work together to find solutions to our biggest problems. Lindsey has lived these values as a part of her career in politics and the reform movement, and I couldn't be more excited to work under her leadership to make this country a better place for all of us.” - Interim CEO Matt Shinners

“I am delighted with the announcement that Lindsey will be stepping into the role of CEO of Forward. Over the last few months she has shown talent and enthusiasm for our mission and, with the talented team we have to back her up, I know Forward will continue to grow and change the face of politics as we know it.” Co-Chair and Former Governor Christine Todd Whitman

"Lindsey is an experienced and principled leader who has dedicated her career to reforming and improving our politics. I am thrilled to work alongside her to give the American people the kind of common sense party that millions have been waiting for. Lindsey is a powerhouse who cares about people first and foremost. She embodies the values that we hope to bring to communities around the country with Forward, and I couldn't be more excited.” - Co Chair Andrew Yang

Lindsey said of her new role: "It is an honor to be trusted with the strategic execution and stewardship of the creation and expansion of a new, inclusive political party that puts the power back in the hands of American Voters. The Forward Party has already built a tremendous coalition, from seasoned political operatives to Americans who feel for the first time like they have the power to make a difference in politics. I cannot wait to show the country what we can all accomplish when we’re united behind the dream of a better America.”


The new Forward Party is bringing Democrats, Republicans, and Independents together to build a new kind of political party that represents the interests of the majority of Americans who reject extremism and division.

Since its launch in July 2022, Forward has grown its community to:

  • Over 30,000 active volunteers throughout all 50 states, with nearly 200 state leads organizing across the country
  • Leadership advisory circle of 100+ diverse leaders including former Governors, Senators, Congressmen, Cabinet officials, business execs, political operatives, community organizers, and more
  • A national brand reaching tens of millions of Americans across media platforms.