We’re excited to have you join us in this monumental effort to establish the foundations of our state party! 

Becoming a successful political party will require a wide variety of skills and talents. So far, we have created several working groups to focus on specific areas. Please fill out your contact info and select the working group that you might be interested in. If you have other ideas you'd like to share, check that box too! 

  • Candidates & Conventions - Recruit and vet potential candidates and plan party convention
  • Coalitions - Identify and develop relationships with like-minded organizations, leaders and potential future candidates
  • Communications - Build a statewide communications structure (digital, PR, media relationships, etc)
  • Fundraising - Establish and coordinate activities to raise funds for our party activities.
  • Legal - Ensure organization abides by all the legal requirements related to our efforts
  • Organizing - Build grassroots effort to collect the necessary signatures for party status; establish county leadership; hold events in local communities
  • Policy - Build the framework for facilitated input on values and policy from local supporters and members of the community
  • Volunteer Onboarding - Introduce prospective volunteers to NC-FWD; set up necessary tools and access; make sure volunteers get plugged into relevant working groups
Will you volunteer?