When February 26, 2022 at 6:00pm 3 hrs
Where Forward HQ
Contact Tim Riggins [email protected] (123) 456-7890

Hello Forward Party Leader!

Reference the Event Guide if you need help.

Be sure that you've MADE A CLONE of this event and you're not using my example.

If you're looking to post an opportunity that DOES NOT have an associated date/time (IE graphic design work), click here.

If you're looking to post an event accessible to members of the general public (and not specifically to qualified volunteers), you're in the right place. Easy distinction:

  • If nothing is required of the RSVPer other than their attendance and paying attention during the course of this event, use the page you're on.
    • IE onboarding, new supporter roundtables/introductions, etc.
  • If the RSVPer is expected to volunteer, take explicit action or do things that generally require volunteerism during the course of this event, use this page.
    • IE phone banks, street teams, tabling, generally volunteering, or events with allied organizations.

If you're in the right place, delete everything in this box before you submit.


In this section, describe the nature of the event. Do this in 2-3 paragraphs. The first paragraph should read like a quick pitch: short, professional and compelling. In the second 1-2 paragraphs, describe the event's details. Specifically, cover the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY and WHEN.

  • The WHY is particularly important - organizers want to know how what they're working on roles up to the larger vision. So get specific! Tell them how this is useful and why - even if it seems like a mundane job - it is important for them to spend their time on it.

IF THIS IS AN ONLINE EVENT: Include the meeting invite link in this section.

One note: the first 30 words only will be included in the excerpt that will show up both on your local community page and other places relevant for the event (IE college chapters if you're a state lead, or state-level pages if you're a college lead). It will look like this:

Event Checklist:

  • Write event description (here).
  • Click on "Event settings > Basics" above and do the following:
    • When: set the date and time.
    • Length: establish a timeframe
    • Venue name: If your venue is online, say so (Zoom, Google Meet, etc).
    • Maximum capacity: for now, cap your event at 100 unless you have an explicit lower threshold
    • Contact person's name/email/phone number: Only set this if you're posting on behalf of someone. If you're the organizer, leave it blank - you'll be notified upon RSVP.
  • Click on "Event settings > Advanced" above and do the following:
    • Change "After joining, which page should they land on next?" to "yourpage," (IE newmexico). This gets them back to your community's dashboard. It's what comes after the slash in "forwardparty.com/newmexico"
    • Change the final tag under "Tag signers with" to "Event: State Type - DD/MM/YYY]"
      • (IE Event: New Mexico Onboarding - 03/19/2022)
    • IF YOU ARE:
      • State Leadership:
        • Assign signers to a Point Person: You
        • Ignore the "Path" option laid out below
      • College/Community Leadership:
        • Ignore the "Point person" option laid out above
        • Click "Add to path"
          • Select either "College Event" or "Community Event" from the dropdown
          • Path assigned to: You
          • Step: Interested
          • Step assigned to: You
          • Step due date: Same day
    • Ignore the "Attendees" section.
    • Click Save Settings
  • Click on "Event settings > Location" above and do the following:
    • If your event is online, ignore this section.
    • If your event is IRL, fill out the relevant details. You can ignore country - the software will figure it out.
  • Click on "Event settings > Autoresponse" above and do the following:
    • Change "From Broadcaster" to your state, college or community email address.
    • DO NOT change the email copy.
  • Click on "Settings > Page settings" and do the following:
    • Change the 3 instances where it says "Default Event" to the name of your event.
    • Change the "slug" to event_yourstate_type_mmddyyyy (IE event_newmexico_onboarding_03192022)
    • Add tags. There will be a maximum of three:
      • LEAVE "Public Event" WHERE IT IS
      • Geographic (this tag will either surface your event nationally or to your state and universities in your state):
        • Opportunity Remote
        • Opportunity Your State (IE Opportunity West Virginia)
      • Community (this tag will surface your opportunity to specific nongeographic communities who are likely qualified to work on your opportunity, specified in the below parentheses. The list will grow over time).
        • Opportunity Design (Graphic design, logo work, etc)
      • NOTE: They say "Opportunity" even though this is an event page. This is not a mistake - use the above tags.
    • Change "Author" to either yourself or the person for whom you are posting this opportunity.
  • Email me at [email protected] with your link to confirm you've submitted your event.

You're done! Don't mess with other stuff or I'll be very annoyed.

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