We’re not just a new party, we’re a new kind of party.

The Forward Party stands for doing, not dividing. That means rejecting political extremes and working together to take real action on every important issue for the unrepresented majority in American politics. We're not building a copy of the current parties, which are dragging our country backwards. We're moving American politics forward, with a party focused on innovative, collaborative, and common-sense solutions that work for the majority.


  • Diverse Thinking Isn't Just Welcome, It's Required
    The Forward Party will welcome new ideas and fearless conversations around the issues of the day. We won’t silence debate or refuse to adapt to the modern world.
  • Bottom-Up, Not Top Down
    The Forward Party will empower leaders to find solutions that work in their communities. We won’t dictate a rigid, top down policy platform and expect it to work for all Americans.
  • Come as you are — Left, Right, or Center
    The Forward Party will create a political home for everyone willing to set aside the partisan extremes and find practical ways to make this country better. We won’t be checking IDs to see if people are Democrats, Republicans, or Independents.
  • More Listening, Less Talking
    The Forward Party will ask you what we can do for your community. We will not ask what your community can do for us.
  • Work Together, Not Against
    The Forward Party will strive for collaborative solutions, make sure they work, and try something else if they don’t. We won’t ignore problems so that we can use them to drive wedges between Americans; nothing gets done when opposing views are treated like enemy positions.
  • Grace and Tolerance
    The Forward Party will approach each other with grace and tolerance, finding ways to pick people back up rather than knock them down. We won’t cancel people or cast them out of the party for not falling in line.

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