Nevada Opportunities & Events:

  • Register as a Forwardist in Nevada

    We have some wonderful news to share with our Nevada Forward Party supporters!

    As of January 2023, we have officially been recognized as a minor party by the Nevada Secretary......"

  • Volunteer Opportunity: Research & Government Relations Committee

    Are you enthusiastic about policymaking and care about how policies affect everyday Nevadans?  Support our mission to hold legislators accountable by joining our Research and Government Relations Team!  


  • Volunteer Opportunity: Resource Development Committee

    Are you a strategic planner with strong networking skills?  Make an impact in scaling our operations by joining the Resource Development Team!  

    Purpose: The resource development team is......"

  • Volunteer Opportunity: Organizing Committee

    Do you enjoy meeting new people and building communities?   Help us grow our network of Forwardists in Nevada by joining the organizing team! 

    Purpose: The organizing team......"

  • Volunteer Opportunity: Communications Committee

    Are you a skilled writer, photographer, or a creator who enjoys engaging with others on social media?  Help us share our story of becoming a new political party by joining......"

  • Join the Nevada Street Team

    Hello Nevada Forwardists! Exciting news: the Forward Party is officially trying to become a registered......"

    Join the Nevada Street Team to collect signatures for a viable third party in our state. Advocate for fixing our broken elections, modernizing our broken government and ending the partisan bickering strangling our democracy.