Forward Virginia Party Announces Endorsements for State Senate in 2023

Richmond, VA - The Forward Virginia Party proudly unveils its endorsement of two trailblazing FWD-aligned candidates for the 2023 State Senate race: Elizabeth Melson for District 28 and Sophia Moshasha for District 39.

Elizabeth Melson, a name that has come to represent forward-thinking change in Virginia, takes the stage as the co-founder and President of FairVote Virginia. In 2020, she collaborated closely with advocates of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) to usher in the RCV local option bill. This landmark achievement enables Virginia localities to exercise RCV for their local governing body elections. Melson, known for her roles as a sustainable farmer, small business owner, and fervent advocate for electoral and criminal justice reform, is celebrated for her grassroots initiatives. From championing regenerative agriculture and solar energy to pushing for sentencing reform and rights restoration, Elizabeth’s influential network across the political spectrum is a testament to her commitment. The Forward Virginia Party is honored to endorse her as their FWD Independent.

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Stepping into the political arena with a vision to reshape it is Sophia Moshasha. Embracing core Forward Party principles, Sophia's advocacy includes support for Ranked Choice Voting and open primaries. She stands firm on the idea that public servants must prioritize constituents over party lines. A staunch believer in fostering constructive dialogues to bridge political divides, Sophia champions education, infrastructure, small businesses, and technological innovation as vital tools to rejuvenate local communities. Deeply rooted in the Alexandria community and having grown up appreciating her mother's local business endeavors and her father's journey as an Iranian migrant, Sophia brings a unique blend of local commitment and global perspective to the table. The Forward Virginia Party is enthusiastic about endorsing her as their inaugural FWD Republican.

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The party urges citizens to rally behind these visionary candidates and amplify their campaigns to achieve a progressive Virginia.

Forward together!

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