The Supporter Badge is earned by everyone who joins the Forward Party community. It is the most basic badge: anyone who has signed up for emails, attended an event, volunteered, donated, sent a text or otherwise joined the community in any way has earned the Supporter Badge. You may think, "hmm, not very impressive." You'd be wrong. The Supporter Badge is the most important Forward Party badge there is: it represents the binary between never having joined the community in the first place, and the first step on the road to fixing our broken democracy. Think of it this way: nearly everyone on the planet hasn't earned the Supporter Badge. Ultimately, at the most base level, our responsibility as a movement is bringing this stupid little checkbox to as many people on the planet. Sounds kinda simple when you say it that way, right? If you haven't already joined the community, click here to earn your Supporter Badge. Otherwise, invite friends and family to bring them into the Forward Party community.

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