Stephen Richer

Arizona | Maricopa County Recorder, Incumbent
Named “Arizonan of the Year” by the Arizona Republic and “Best Republican Politician of the Year” by the Phoenix New Times for upholding the integrity of Maricopa County’s election process in 2020.
Stephen Richer's Profile

Richer was among several GOP election officials in the state named as “Arizonan of the Year” by the Arizona Republic. And that same year, the Phoenix New Times named him the “Best Republican Politician of the Year” for his willingness to speak the truth about the integrity of the state’s election processes.” When asked how he ended up in this profession: “I ran for this office in 2020 as a Republican. I won the primary, and I absolutely destroyed the Democratic incumbent in the general election... He (Adrian Fontes) successfully ran for secretary of state in 2022, and we’re now friends and partners in election administration.

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