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  • Promoting Public (Non-Profit) Housing

    Public Housing (in this case) is the concept of having non-profit or community groups developing housing projects which reinvests its revenues into the facilities for the sake of tenants. Initially, these developments generally cost the same as Private Housing Development Projects (due to construction, planning, etc.) but distinctly their prices for tenants do not rise with increasing land value. Once the initial costs of the project are paid off, Tenants ultimately end up controlling and contributing to a common fund capable of developing amenities for their Public Housing, depending on their preferences (Eg. A private gym or reading room, etc.), further increasing the value of the development relative to its costs. The government, for its part, ought to fiscally incentivize and offer subsidized loans or bureaucratic streamlining for these kinds of developments.

  • Sovereign Wealth Funds developed by Government Economic Intervention

    Whenever a Corporation receives Subsidies or a Government Bailout, it ought to be conditioned on new Sovereign Wealth Funds receiving a share of the profits. These Sovereign Wealth Funds would then be dedicated to specific purposes (funding Education, Social Security, a UBI, etc.) whilst also securing and accumulating wealth (through stock diversification and other means) to increase its output independently of government contributions. Politicians shouldn't be able to take money out of these funds, nor mandate an increase in their spending beyond their ability to sustain and survive, but they would be able to direct the budgeting of their outputs. Having Sovereign Wealth Funds for reasons like that also allow people to more specifically control what kinds of public charity they might wish to give, adding an element of fiscal democracy to budgeting that would be previously impossible. This system also has the potential to enable lower taxes or allow these Wealth Funds to positively influence consumer pricing (for the benefit of the consumer).