Our democracy is failing.  The two-party system has broken our government and rigged the system against the rest of us.  The Forward Party is building a movement to fix our government and forge a healthy, representative, multi-party democracy that will speak with the voice of America.  We are leading the most critical mission of our era - saving our country and creating a pathway for practical, common-sense solutions to the nation's biggest problems.  Together, we will build an America for the 21st century.


Not left. Not right.  Forward.



The two-party system doesn’t work. Dividing voters into two camps polarizes the nation and sets us up for conflict. Our political system, our elections, and the media are all pitting us against one another. 

The Forward Party exists to fix that.

We support candidates who will pass electoral reforms, including ranked-choice voting and nonpartisan primaries. This is how we provide choice and accountability to voters, and elect candidates who are focused on solutions. 

Election reform will pave the way for a multi-party democracy where we can all find a political home, and where the winners of elections are those most capable of building a broad coalition among voters.

Our policies will repair the mechanics of this broken system that divides and distracts us from the real problems.

The Forward Party’s principles put people at the center of policy. The success of our government should be measured by how much it improves people’s lives.  Measuring that will let us implement policies that solve problems facing Americans in their homes and in their communities. 


We advocate for a modern and effective government.

We support candidates who serve the people they represent.

We unite America with grace and tolerance, integrity and innovation. 

We will break through the two-party system and deliver a future we all can be proud of. 


The answers are not left or right. They are Forward.


If this sounds like the future you want to build for America, consider donating today!