When November 12, 2023 at 3:00pm 3 hrs
Contact Chad Brekelbaum [email protected]

Join us at the Brekelbaums' lovely home anytime from 3-6pm where you can meet other Forwardists or other Forward-curious folks.  Drinks, delicious snacks and literature will be provided.  This family friendly event is meant to be fun, casual, and informal, AND it is an important part of building our Forward community.  Please invite a friend and bring your family. This is a great opportunity to introduce someone new to Forward!  Come early or late.  Please just come (and please RSVP)! 

We will be answering your questions about the Forward Party and sharing details of our current plan to build up a viable and successful 3rd party across the state while working with other activist groups to get pro-democracy reforms on the ballot in Arkansas.  Our goal is to bring together like-minded individuals who are passionate about driving positive change in our community.


Info about the host:

Dr. Chad Brekelbaum is not only a gracious host, but he is also a member of the Arkansas Forward Party state leadership team. He routinely attends our state strategy meetings, is a big proponent of the Forward Party and Final 4 Ranked Choice Voting, and he is currently the largest donor to our state party.  More details about Chad are below:


Will you come?