The Forward Party is happy to announce our endorsed U.S. Congressional and State & Local candidates for the 2024 cycle. View the list below, and check back often as new endorsements are added.

We are proud to support Forwardists, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and anyone else running for office who is as committed to our core principles and democracy reform efforts as we are.  If you're committed to these values and policies and you want a Forward Party endorsement, apply here!

Dan Rayfield

Oregon | Attorney General, Candidate
Dan Rayfield clerked for the Benton County District Attorney’s office in 2005 and most recently was the Speaker of the House in Oregon, a blend of experience perfect for the Attorney General office.
Shelane Etchison

North Carolina | US House CD-9, Candidate
Etchison is a former Army officer with two graduate degrees from Harvard and has worked abroad on economic development projects and domestically as a security consultant.
John Avlon

New York | US House CD 1, Candidate
John is the author of a number of books, but most notably he wrote Independent Nation: How Centrists Can Change American Politics (2004), and Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America (2010).
Stephen Richer

Arizona | Maricopa County Recorder, Incumbent
Named “Arizonan of the Year” by the Arizona Republic and “Best Republican Politician of the Year” by the Phoenix New Times for upholding the integrity of Maricopa County’s election process in 2020.
Adam Frisch

Colorado | US House CD-3, Candidate
Running for Lauren Boebert’s old seat that she vacated because his challenge was too strong. His new opponent is widely unknown and Frisch is looking to set himself apart as a rational option for voters.
John Curtis

Utah | US Senate, Candidate
Rep. Curtis is the founder and Chair of the new Conservative Climate Caucus, a 73-member caucus that includes representatives from every committee with jurisdiction over climate policy. Rep. Curtis believes that every great American progress was made in
Eric Settle

Pennsylvania | Attorney General, Candidate
Forward Party
Eric has demonstrated support for both Democrat and Republican nominees in the past. If Eric receives 2% of the vote in the election, PA Forward will be recognized as an official party in the state.
Chris Foster

Pennsylvania | Treasurer , Candidate
Forward Party
If Chris receives 2% of the vote in the election, PA Forward will be recognized as an official party in the state.
Cameron Schroy

Pennsylvania | State Senate SD-33, Candidate
Schroy is a civics teacher challenging a conspiracy-toting extremist who was at the steps of the Capitol on January 6."
Laura Johnson

Utah | State Board Of Ed., Candidate
Forward Party
Before Laura joined the race, her opponent, Brent Strate was running unopposed for the seat.
Miles Pomeroy

Utah | State Treasurer, Candidate
Forward Party
Miles ran for the state house last year as a Forward Democrat after leaving the Republican party and is running again this year as a full-fledged Forwardist under the new party line.
Lydia Hernandez

Arizona | State House D-24, Incumbent
Serves as a member of the AZ House and is an at-large members of the Cartwright Elementary School District in Arizona.
David Hinckley

Utah | State Senate SD-24, Candidate
Forward Party
David is a founding member of the Utah Forward Party and is looking to bring that problem-solving experience and knack for meeting people where they are to the Utah Senate.
Niko Woolf

Colorado | Delta County Commissioner D-3, Candidate
Woolf is a carpenter and a farmer who has been affected by the recent Land Use Code that ignored public sentiment.
Eric Mulder

Colorado | State House CD-36, Candidate
Forward Party
Mulder is a US army veteran and a current board member of the Aurora Civic Engagement Commission.
Nolan Kruse

Utah | Salt Lake County Council District 4, Candidate
Forward Party
Nolan is a small business owner and is looking to bring that perspective to the Salt Lake County Council to help ensure that our communities can thrive.
Josh Smith

Utah | State House CD-15, Candidate
Forward Party
Josh is running for the Utah House to help defend the pillars of our democracy and ensure that it remains stable for our future generations.
Christopher Sweat

Colorado | US House CD-5, Candidate
Forward Party
Sweat spent his formative years (9-22) living in Colorado Springs, the district he is running in. He is a current student at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
Jermaine Johnson

South Carolina | State House CD-52, Incumbent
Jermaine is the primary sponsor of a bi-partisan bill that will allow SC municipalities the option of using Instant Runoff Voting.
Dan Almoney

Pennsylvania | State House CD-92, Candidate
As a small business owner and in fighting to preserve rural landscapes against outside development, Dan is a champion for his community.
Valerie Gaydos

Pennsylvania | State House CD-44, Incumbent
Rep Gaydos has passed three bills with nearly 100% support from the full House, two of which she was a prime sponsor on
Michael Bedenbaugh

South Carolina | U.S. House SC-3, Candidate
Mike is a successful podcaster and an enthusiastic promoter of all things having to do with South Carolina history and culture.
Banks Helfrich

Florida | State House CD-25, Candidate
An independent farmer, Banks is an integral part of the food systems in his area of Florida. He knows what it takes to work with the environment, not against it, and will take that knowledge to the state house and work with all parties on behalf of the pe
Kimberly Stiefel Kline

Florida | State House CD-2, Candidate
Kim was a High School government teacher and has a master’s degree in Education
Joseph Di Bartolomeo

Florida | Manatee County Commissioner #5, Candidate
Joseph is not receiving support from any major political party. He aims to find common ground across the political spectrum while advocating for quality of life, property rights, and environmental protection.
Janie Monier

Maryland | FCPS Board of Education, Candidate
Monier is a registered nurse running on the belief voter access and choice is the key to building a truly representative government.
Jennifer Hamey

Florida | Manatee County Commissioner #1, Candidate
Her opponent voted to remove the mangrove forest that helps protect Florida’s coastline from erosion. Jen is running on a platform of environmental stewardship for Manatee County and wants to protect their waterways, greenspaces, and safeguard their natur
Jevona Armstrong

South Carolina | Beaufort City Council #1, Candidate
As a wife of a brave disabled veteran, a mother of three, a long-time educator, and long-time volunteer, Jevona brings a fresh perspective and the voice of real people to policy.
Sean Diamond

Massachusetts | State House CD-9, Candidate
Sean will be on the ballot as an independent but will be associating with the Forward Party as much as he can during his campaign.
Dr. James “Vell” Rives

Virginia | Arlington County School Board At-Large, Candidate
As a physician and mental health professional with two children in the public school system, Dr. Rives is prepared to address the difficult issues facing Arlington.