When September 12, 2022 at 8:00pm 2 hrs
Where Online Event WV, United States

Join the Braver Angels "We The People's Forum" at 8pm on September 12th to discuss what everyday Americans think of the 2022 elections. See more info below. RSVP here.

About this event

It's almost two years since one of the most controversial elections in American history, with the highest voter turnout in a very long time. In many states, re-evaluation of voting processes are on-going, after questions about ballot access or possible fraud.

As we come up to the next general election, we want to hear what ordinary, working Americans are thinking and feeling about the 2022 elections.

Do you intend to vote? Why? Is it a particular issue or candidate that motivates you? Will you be voting “for” or “against”? Do you have any hopes or fears regarding the outcome of Congressional elections?

Our first speakers include a conservative-leaning union railroad worker who asked 100 of his fellow blue-collar workers about their top issues, a Democratic-leaning pharmacy technician and union leader, a Trump-supporting Iraq war veteran and union lineman, and a former organic farmer who has typically voted Democratic but today identifies with the “exhausted majority.”

Then, it's the people's turn to speak.

We The People’s Forums are an opportunity for the people who make this country function everyday--the important people who are not politicians, or talking heads on screens, or opinion writers in the big newspapers–- to make their voices heard.

Here's how it works:

First part: our first speakers talk about their experiences and perspectives, their concerns about their own positions, and what they see in common.

Second part: it's Q and E time: anyone may ask a question, and anyone with direct experience on the issue is encouraged to talk about their experience.

Join us for this We the People's Forum, as we try to understand each other and what’s at stake in November.

This event is open to the general public.